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We started Passage to Utah in 1991 to create unique custom outdoor adventures. We have great ideas for trips inspired by the wide-open spaces of the West we love, and if you have a plan of your own, we can make it happen.

The relentless push of time and weather have combined to create a unique and magnificent landscape within the extremely active geologic region we love to explore. Our custom travel and guide services are tailored to this texture of time and place.

Come by yourself or with a small group... you make all the choices or let us. The possibilities are endless. Then, let us take care of everything.

And don't forget winter travel! The Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Zion, the Great Basin and Death Valley are all open in the winter, with no crowds. Your only sacrifice is the possibility of wearing a coat instead of shorts.  We could have some fun!




Disclaimer Statement 

Passage to Utah and its employees act only as an agent for vendors supplying services including but not limited to hotel accommodations, sightseeing, transportation and food.  As an agent, Passage to Utah accepts no responsibility or liability for any injury, delay, damage, loss or any other incident which may be caused by any company or individual performing these services.  Passage to Utah is not responsible for personal luggage or effects of any individual or group participating in itsí tours/trips.  Passage to Utah strongly recommends the purchase of travel insurance.  It is the responsibility of the individual to purchase travel insurance.  Additionally, Passage to Utah is not responsible for losses, injury, damages or any expenses as a result of illness, weather, strikes, terrorist, war or acts of nature.